Once my Mother

Feature Documentary for cinema and TV. Design for opening titles, motion graphics for archival maps and photo sequences, website interface and publicity collateral for Change Focus Media. ONCE MY MOTHER interweaves the lives of Sophia Turkiewicz and her Polish mother, ...

Kids at Risk

Title design and projection imagery for live forum for ABCTV News and Current Affairs special event for Child Protection Week. A Panel Discussion led by Geraldine Doogue followed a short film about homelessness. I had the privilege of roaming the ...

The Sexual Life of Us

Design for opening titles of this two-part documentary by Jenny Ainge charts changing attitudes to sex in Australia from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, combining stock footage with a series of remarkably candid interviews.

Yours Mine & Ours

Design and production of opening titles. Over 20 visual artists were engaged to produce works in response to ABC TV celebrating it’s 50th year. Arts documentary produced and directed by Stephen Burstow.

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