Baxter and Me

We were thrilled to do the titles and promotional print work for this fabulous film. Director, Gillian Leahy chronicles her life through her dogs. A heartwarming story about life as a filmmaker and dog lover. Lovers come and go in ...

Stories from Home

Design and production of opening titles for SBS. This compelling series focuses on individuals who have survived the chaos and trauma of displacement from their homelands. These inspirational stories are a testament of their resilience, courage and compassion. Using the ...

The Cut

The titles co-designed and produced with Kate Fitzgerald, The Cut, a six-part drama for ABCtv, takes a satirical look at the sometimes murky world of sports management with actor John Wood starring as rogue sports agent.


Oztam is an Australian research company, the official source of television audience measurement, covering all the major cities in Australia for free-to-air TV and for subscription TV. We were initially engaged by them to help launch the start of a new technology. ...

Foreign Correspondent: The Baby Makers

Design and animation for a half hour program, looking at the big business of surrogacy in India. For ABCTV Foreign Correspondent, Australia’s leading international current affairs program since 1992. Art Direction by Betsy Baker. Character animation by PD Sharma.

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