covid obsessions/diversions

mixed media installation

4 window dioramas by michelle FRENCH & betsy BAKER

F Tanner Baker micro-galleries

From March 2020 all sorts of obsessions have flourished: following the tangled paths of the virus and the chaos of the US elections. Boxed in bodies – restricted and restrained.

greek fantasy
The richness of mind travel. Escape to the simplicity of white. blue. sea. sky. delicious salty fresh things. edible weeds. Traces of my own travels – column hugging, embracing the greekness!
Windows on the past (Nana) and the consolation of stairways to hope (Yanis Varoufakis)
Michelle French

It was hard not to follow the elections of the country I am from… and the slow dismantling of the democracy I once knew. The process of making this was meditative and made me think of all that I have left behind. Betsy Baker.