Posted On: November 22, 2010

FRENCHBAKER is a design partnership, not a french boulangerie.  {sorry}


michelle FRENCH and betsy BAKER have over 20 years’ experience across a broad
range of design projects: arts/entertainment/science/documentary for big+small screens… and we make things, like a logo out of leaves – and we just built a
space station from yakult bottles!


musings on

by Konichiwa Croissant

I first glimpsed Michelle French while chatting with Philippe Starck over a delicious macchiato, in a small, alcove-style cafe on the Left Bank. She arched gracefully through the hoi polloi mêlée, as if floating, dressed in her now signature diamond tiara and tulle tutu. “My God, I must meet that Goddess” I ejaculated in Philippe’s direction, completely flummoxing the man and halting the flow of our mutual creative juices as we discussed a new line of sleek, ovoid genital enhancements we were co-developing for emasculated cats.

From that day forth I have never failed but to be captivated by the divine Ms. French’s growing oeuvre. Since her co-development of packet-switching theory, with Leonard Kleinrock of MIT in 1961, shortly before her own birth, and her later fundamental work on ARPANET, the lovely Michelle has continued to shine as a pan-global web-design wunderkind.

Doubts about the existence of Betsy Baker first surfaced in my own mind during a brief discussion with Werner Heisenberg, over pastries and doppio espresso, in a break between colloquia we were each presenting at the Sorbonne in 1922. Baker has been, and remains, an enigma, wrapped within a conundrum and lightly dusted with chimera. Heisenberg, himself, stated that he was ungewiss, then left hurriedly on the premise of having to “feed Erwin Schrödinger’s cat”, which I thought most flimsy.

There I left the matter of Betsy Baker until I heard her incredible drum solo on the eponymous Baker Gurvitz Army album. That was sometime in the mid 1970’s. It was then I determined to seek her corporeal form. An early lead took me to Wales and rapid success! Betts-y-Coed was and is a charming village but, alas, not the woman I sought.

Subsequently I have been introduced to many women who claim to be Betsy Baker, but each meeting only clouds the water. It is as if I glimpse her through a glass, darkly.

And now the world learns that the prodigious, if semi-mythical, talents of French and Baker are to be combined under one roof: what a great day this is for design… for humanity … nay, for the cosmos!


Konichiwa Croissant

Principal [and sole] Designer Praxis by accident, Design 2010